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Commercial Coffee Machines Specialist

At Coffee Select we are experts from Bean to Machine. If you are looking for commercial coffee machines, our friendly and professional team can help. Why not buy or lease a new machine from just £15 per week*?

*T&Cs apply

Commercial Coffee Machines & Equipment Specialists

We are a leading commercial coffee machines specialist based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Our team has several years’ experience and a clear passion for all things coffee. This winning combination has helped us to serve businesses, restaurants, cafes and hotels right across the UK. It is our mission to help businesses serve great coffee to their customers. For us, mediocre coffee just will not do.


Being able to serve great coffee relies on having the very best commercial coffee machines, commercial coffee grinders and related equipment. Poorly maintained, dated or unsuitable equipment holds businesses back from serving great coffee. No business wants to face constant and costly visits from a coffee machine engineer or encounter on-going coffee machine downtime. If your business can identify with the above, why not choose us as your commercial coffee machine supplier? Discover the perfect blend of expert knowledge and commitment to great customer service that we deliver to our valued clients every day.


Whether you are looking for a commercial espresso machine or a commercial bean to cup coffee machine, we are confident that we will have a coffee machine that perfectly suits your business. Choosing the correct commercial coffee machine is rarely easy when there are so many brands and models to choose from. We are here to guide you through every step of your commercial coffee journey from initial machine purchase through to maintenance & servicing and eventual replacement. Our coffee experts draw on their years of experience and knowledge across all types of businesses to identify the best possible options for your business at every stage of your journey.

Official La Marzocco, Iberital, JURA & Mazzer Agents

We are proud to be official agents for the best and most respected commercial coffee machine brands in the world. As experienced and long-standing sales and service agents for La Marzocco, Iberital, JURA and Mazzer, we have built the great partnerships with the leading brands that your business will need.


Our relationships with the leading commercial coffee brands give our clients the confidence and peace of mind that we are a trusted company with the expertise and experience to help their business.


Everyone at Coffee Select takes great pride in delivering quality coffee equipment, servicing and training to customers right across the UK from our facility in Basingstoke, Hampshire. If you would like our help with finding a new commercial coffee machine, please get in touch by calling us on 01256 242313 or completing our contact form. Whether it is your first commercial coffee machine or your twentieth machine, we are happy to help. Our coffee machine specialists are also able to help you customise your machines to suit any individual requirements that you may have.

Commercial Coffee Machine Lease

Buying a commercial coffee machine can be significant investment for any business. Whether you are looking to acquire a premium La Marzocco coffee machine, a value Iberital IB7 or an affordable Jura bean to cup machine, leasing is a great way to spread the cost of your investment and protect your business’s cashflow. Many of our commercial coffee machines are available within 7 days of your initial finance payment, so opting for a lease does not need to delay the delivery of your coffee machine.


We work closely with a range of finance partners to give our clients the best possible choice when it comes to leasing. Our leasing plans start from just £16 per week for a bean to cup machine or a reasonable from £47 per week for a premium La Marzocco machine. These affordable leasing options are a great way to get the commercial coffee machine/s that your business needs without making a significant outlay.


All our commercial coffee machine lease plans include machine installation & setup and a 1-year parts & labour warranty so you are covered for the first year of your coffee machine’s usage. Find out more about our available plans and how leasing a coffee machine can help you deliver great coffee in your business in an affordable and cashflow friendly way.

Commercial Coffee Grinders, Coffee Machine Water Filters & Instanta Water Boilers

Delivering great coffee in your business is not only about investing in a great commercial coffee machine. The equipment that you use alongside your machine is just as important. Depending on the coffee machine that you have, you may also need a commercial coffee grinder to process the beans that you source. A great coffee grinder will help you to process the coffee beans that you source and transform them into the perfect ground coffee.


Whichever commercial coffee machine you have, scale will be a persistent and potentially costly issue to contend with. Investing in quality coffee machine water filters will help to protect your coffee machine from the worst effects of scale and prolong its life. Find out more about our range of water filters and how they can protect your coffee machine.


While many of us love coffee, not everyone does and some people prefer a quality tea or hot chocolate at work, in a café or at their favourite restaurant. To make great tea and hot chocolate at scale, a commercial water boiler is often required. We stock a range of Instanta water boilers to suit almost every commercial application. By investing in a commercial water boiler, your business will have hot water on tap so it can serve quality hot drinks at scale without relying on kettles.



Hot Boilers & Ice Machines


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Our friendly and professional team of commercial coffee machine and equipment specialists are ready to help your business serve great coffee. We love helping businesses find the perfect machine and supporting them on their coffee journey.


If you have a question or would like to request a quote or meeting with us, please get in touch using the details below or by completing our contact form.

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