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Commercial Coffee Machine Lease

Purchasing a commercial coffee machine for your business does not have to involve a significant initial outlay or an unnecessary strain on your cashflow or budget. Choosing a commercial coffee machine lease helps you to get the coffee machine that you need for your business in a fast and affordable way, so you can get back to serving fantastic flat whites and excellent espressos. Find out more about our commercial coffee machine rental options and our trusted finance partner. 

Our Coffee Machine Leasing Plans 

The coffee machine leasing plans below showcase some of the available coffee machine lease options for business customers. Coffee machine leasing is available for other coffee machine brands and models. Leasing payments are made monthly for all of the options below. 


Review our leasing plans below and contact us to find out more about the coffee machines in each plan. 

Premium Range

From £47 per week


Valid for 208 weeks

Installation & Setup

Up to 400 cups per day

2 Group Classic

Silver (customer colour also available)

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty

Training Available

Grinder & Water Filters Not Included

Value Range

From £15 per week


Valid for 208 weeks

Installation & Setup

Up to 100 Cups per Day

2 Group & 1 Steam Arm

Black (Custom Colour Available)

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty

Training Available

Grinder & Water Filters Not Included

Bean to Cup

From £16 per week


Valid for 208 weeks

Installation & Setup

Up to 100 cups per day

Built-In Automatic Grinder

Automatic Milk Frother

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty

Training Included

Water Filter Not Included

Available within 7 days of payment. Prices exclude VAT. 48 month agreement. Subject to underwriting and Ts & Cs.

Coffee Machine Leasing Costs Example 

Commercial coffee machine package of £3,500 plus VAT. Based on a 60-month leasing plan. 


  • £85.97 plus VAT per month 

  • £21.49 plus VAT per week 

  • £2.82 plus VAT per day 


All coffee machine leasing plans involve monthly payments. Finance for business customers only, subject to credit.

Business Coffee Machines To Lease

Many businesses lease vehicles and equipment for their daily operations, but have you ever considered leasing your next coffee machine? It is an affordable and ever-more popular way to spread the cost of a commercial coffee machine into predictable cashflow-friendly instalments. Leave big upfront costs behind and explore the possibilities offered by a flexible and affordable coffee machine lease. Leasing also offers the flexibility to upgrade your commercial coffee machine at a later stage to keep pace with the growth of your business. All our commercial coffee machine lease plans include machine installation & setup and a 1-year parts & labour warranty so you are covered for the first year of your coffee machine’s usage. 


Finding the right lease for your business is very much like finding the most suitable coffee machine, with so many options to consider including different terms and budgets, you will want to be guided through every step. Our team of coffee specialists and trusted finance partner are ready to help you find the best option for your business. We can advise you as to the best coffee machine for your business and find the best coffee machine to lease that suits your budget and general requirements.

Enquire About Commercial Coffee Machine Leasing

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Leasing Contact

Our Trusted Coffee Machine Leasing Partner: Time Finance

We love partnering with the best brands so we can deliver outstanding products and services to our customers. For coffee machine leasing, we are proud to partner with Time Finance, who offer quick simple and competitive finance options to help you purchase your next commercial coffee machine. As one of the UK’s leading providers of equipment, vehicle, and invoice finance they provide solutions to customers of all sizes from small businesses and start-ups to established businesses across the UK.  


Time Finance offer finance solutions to our customers on orders of £1,000 plus VAT and over. They are the trusted finance partner of 10,000 businesses and have won multiple awards for their excellent customer service. If you are considering a commercial coffee machine lease, why not contact us to find out how we and our finance partner can help? Call us on 01256 242 313 or complete our contact form. 

Lease A Coffee Machine With Free Installation & Setup 

Choosing to lease a coffee machine is an exciting step forward and an investment in the future success of your business. Whether you are a growing café, restaurant, hotel, or a business looking to serve great coffee to its employees, leasing could help you acquire the coffee machines that you need without a significant upfront cost. Opting for a commercial coffee machine lease does not mean missing out on our renowned customer service and support. Every coffee machine that is available to lease includes free installation and setup by one of our experienced coffee specialists. We will deliver your chosen coffee machine to your business and professionally install it, so you are ready to brew the perfect espresso. 


We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service that is matched by hassle-free installation & setup to every client. Each member of the Coffee Select team is passionate about all things coffee related and dedicated to the service of our valued clients. We are here to guide you every step of the way, so you can concentrate on what you do best. 

Benefits Of Leasing A Coffee Machine

Leasing a coffee machine could be the perfect way to acquire your next commercial coffee machine for your business. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, it is worth considering leasing if you would like to avoid making a significant initial outlay and would prefer a more cashflow friendly option. 

Let Your Commercial Coffee Machine Pay For Itself 

Enable the finance payments for your commercial coffee machine to coincide with the benefits of your new coffee machine as soon as they materialise. You would not pay for all your staff costs up front, so why should you do so for your next coffee machine? Pay as you reap the benefits, not before. 

Retain Credit Lines 

Retain all your existing business banking arrangements, credit lines and cash reserves for where you need them most rather than using them to buy a commercial coffee machine. Our finance facilities cannot be withdrawn like overdrafts. Utilise your cash reserves and any bank funding arrangements for working capital to help you maintain a healthy business. 

Simplify Budgeting 

The payments for your chosen coffee machine are fixed throughout the term of the agreement, enabling straightforward budgeting and forecasting. Bank funding facilities are often linked to interest rates, which is suitable when they are low but can make them expensive and detrimental to cashflow when they are high. 

Improve Cashflow 

Your commercial coffee machine can be delivered and installed without the need for capital expenditure. Secure the coffee machine that you need for your business today with no cash outlay. 

Simple & Hassle-Free Approval 

Leasing may be classed as a revenue item for budget purposes, which can make it easier to gain authorisation for the expenditure. Our straightforward approval process only requires one phone call and in most cases an approval is provided in as little as 24 hours. If you are looking to finance your next coffee machine, apply by email or phone today and Time Finance will help find a suitable option for your business. 

Official La Marzocco, Iberital & JURA Agents 

We are proud to be official agents for the best and most respected commercial coffee machine brands in the world. As experienced and long-standing sales and service agents for La Marzocco, Iberital and JURA, we have built the great partnerships with the leading brands that your business will need. Whether you are looking for La Marzocco leasing, Iberital leasing or JURA leasing options, we are ready to help you find a coffee machine to lease and a suitable leasing plan that suits your business. 

Contact Us About Coffee Machine Lease Options 

Our helpful and professional team of commercial coffee machine specialists are ready to help your business find a coffee machine to lease so you can start serving great coffee. If you have a question or would like to request a quote or meeting with us, please get in touch using the details below or by completing our contact form. 


Coffee machine available within 7 days of payment. Prices exclude VAT. Finance is for business customers only subject to credit. 

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