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Crem Coffee Machines

Crem coffee machines are crafted to create a great coffee experience. They draw on a deep understanding of coffee and the customers that they serve to create an excellent range of professional coffee solutions. Their innovative and versatile coffee equipment delivers superior in-cup quality and boasts a truly innovative design that helps businesses, coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants to brew excellent cups of craft coffee. Creating the perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and fine coffee tradition has earned their commercial coffee machines a great reputation. If your business is looking for a quality coffee machine, why not explore Crem’s extensive range of commercial grade coffee machines?

Crem Commercial Coffee Machines

Crem have a long heritage, which is linked back to the Coffee Queen and Crem Aparatos brands that gained prominence between 1980 and 2000. In subsequent years, their product range and international presence has grown further. Crem has earned a great reputation for designing and manufacturing one of the most extensive ranges of commercial coffee machines in the industry. They are guided by deep knowledge and a passion for making coffee special. If your business is passionate about great coffee, you will find a great coffee machine brand in Crem. Their coffee machine range includes everything from traditionally styled espresso machines through to modern and sleek automatic bean to cup machines. Crem are committed to maintaining the highest standards across their coffee portfolio, while also creating machines that are functional and effective in a range of commercial environments. Popular Crem commercial coffee machines include the Crem EX2 coffee machine, Crem EX3 coffee machine and the Crem G10 coffee machine. If you are looking for a quality coffee machine to brew the perfect espresso in your business, why not consider a Crem?

Official Crem Agents

Our team have developed extensive knowledge and experience of Crem coffee machines including across their range of commercial espresso machines. Whether you require help and advice in choosing a Crem coffee machine or have customisation requirements, the Coffee Select team can help. Every coffee machine specialist at Coffee Select loves an excellent espresso and is passionate about all things coffee. We love helping businesses find the perfect commercial espresso machine and serve great coffee to their customers. By supporting our clients on their coffee journeys, we can help them to enhance their business with great coffee machines with the service to match. Take the stress away from choosing, installing, and maintaining commercial coffee machines by choosing us as your commercial coffee machine partner.


We are proud to be sales and service agents of Crem. We love helping businesses find Crem coffee machines that meet their business requirements. Our good relationship with Crem helps us to offer the best possible service to our clients. Our team has all the required expertise and experience to make the most of your Crem coffee machine and serve great coffee. Contact our Crem coffee machine specialists by calling 01256 242313 or completing our contact form.

Crem Coffee Machines Installation & Setup

The installation and setup of your Crem coffee machine does not need to be difficult. In fact, it can be completely hassle-free when you choose Coffee Select. Our trained coffee machine specialists will take care of every stage of the installation and setup process so you can get started with your new Crem machine. We have years of experience of installing commercial coffee machines across a range of commercial settings. We have installed coffee machines in a number of different businesses including in restaurants, hotels, cafes, offices, entertainment complexes and even leisure destinations. Every member of our team loves to help customers make the most of their new machine with our complete installation and setup service. For businesses that require it, we also provide additional training including in barista skills. Businesses that have purchased additional training are taught all they need to know about using a Crem coffee machine. By investing in coffee machine training, you can help your team become more familiar with your new machine. We cover a range of topics including machine features, everyday operating instructions and how to prolong its lifespan. The installation and setup of your coffee machine is included within the machine price, while training is available as an optional extra for businesses that require it.


We appreciate that buying a new coffee machine can be a significant investment for your business. It’s why we are passionate about supporting our clients every step of the way. Our coffee machine specialists will provide expert help and guidance to help you choose the best Crem coffee machine for your business. To help make buying a coffee machine more cashflow friendly, we offer a range of coffee machine leasing options. Discover the ultimate blend of expert knowledge and exceptional customer service at Coffee Select. Why not speak to us and find out how we could help you as your new commercial coffee machine specialist? Get in touch by completing our contact form or calling us on 01256 242 313.


Crem EX2 Coffee Machine

The Crem EX2 coffee machine is a traditional commercial espresso machine with a contemporary silver inspired design. This smart and optimised machine achieves the perfect balance between budget and performance while serving excellent espresso. It boasts the respected Expobar which is recognised as having reliable hydraulics. The EX2’s key features include ½ rotatory knobs, electronic pre-infusion, a pre-infusion chamber group head, and an improved cup tray area. If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable way to serve great coffee the traditional way, the EX2 could be a great choice.


Serving a range of excellent espresso-based coffees from cappuccinos and cortados through to lattes and flat whites will be a breeze with the Crem EX2 coffee machine at your side.

Crem EX3 Coffee Machine

The Crem EX3 coffee machine is an award-winning espresso machine that has won the IF Design and Red Dot Design awards in 2020. It is an innovative and versatile machine with a smart design concept at its heart. The modular nature of its design provides an extensive range of customisation options, so you can create an espresso machine that perfectly matches your requirements. Whether you want to customise its external components or its technical components, you will have a range of exciting options to choose from. The Crem EX3 coffee machine’s key features include PID temperature control, digital display with boiler temperature, barista lights, cool touch steam wands, double pressure gauge and takeaway group heads.


If you are looking for a customisable and versatile commercial espresso machine with a modern edge, the EX3 could be the perfect machine for you. Crem have placed modularity and ergonomics at the heart of the EX3’s design, which makes it a suitable coffee machine for a wide range of businesses. The EX3 is available as a two group or three group machine at Coffee Select.


Crem G10 Coffee Machine

Crem’s G10 coffee machine is a professional automatic commercial coffee machine. It’s compact design and exciting feature lineup make it an ideal choice for a range of different business settings. The G10 uses an electronic switchboard to control coffee dosage volumetrically for the ultimate coffee control. Its stainless-steel design makes it a durable and robust coffee machine that can easily handle high volume everyday use. Key features of the Crem G10 coffee machine include two steam arms, built in motor pump, dispensed coffee memory settings, PID temperature control, auto fill water boiler and an automatic back flush group head.


The Crem G10 coffee machine is an excellent choice for busy hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and offices. It’s standout durability and innovative key features help busy baristas consistently serve great coffee. By investing in the G10, your business with have a reliable coffee machine that serves excellent espresso-based drinks.

Crem Zircon Coffee Machine

The Crem Zircon coffee machine offers professional espresso machine features in an accessible budget-friendly model. It excels at brewing authentic craft espresso-based drinks at smaller volumes within a small cafes or restaurants. Budding baristas will love the simplicity of its design and the durability that it offers every day. Key features of the Crem Zircon coffee machine include Expobar technology, volumetric motor pump, copper boiler with individual heat exchanger, boiler drain tap, auto fill water boiler and automatic back flush group head. The machine has been hand built by Crem’s skilled professionals with high quality components for the best possible performance.


By opting for the Crem Zircon machine, you will be serving excellent espressos and luscious lattes in no time! Whether you have a new restaurant, a trendy café or a budding business, the Zircon could be the perfect machine for you. It introduces a world of coffee possibilities to your business at a budget friendly price.


Helping You Find A Crem Coffee Machine

Crem have developed an exceptional range of espresso machines to suit every business. Whether you need a powerful machine that is capable of high-volume brewing or an entry level model at a budget-friendly price, there really is a machine for every business. While there are many different coffee machine models to choose from, you will have one of our specialists at your side to guide you every step of the way. Our specialists help customers choose the Crem coffee machine that best suits their specific requirements and budget. Our coffee machine specialists have extensive knowledge of the Crem coffee machine range and can advise you of the best model for your specific application. We are ready to help you find a great coffee machine that will serve great coffee.


At Coffee Select we sell an extensive range of Crem coffee machines including the Crem EX2 coffee machine, Crem EX3 coffee machine, Crem G10 coffee machine and the Crem Zircon. Many of these machines are available in a two group or three group configuration. If you are unsure how many groups you need, our team are happy to discuss some suitable options with you. Why not visit our showroom to see some of the available Crem coffee machines for yourself? You can discover which machine will suit your business and benefit from some expert advice. Contact us to arrange a visit to the Coffee Select showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Contact Coffee Select

Our coffee machine specialists are ready to help you find a Crem coffee machine. At Coffee Select we support clients through every step of their coffee journey. Discover our expert advice, support, and the exceptional customer service that we deliver every day. If you need a great espresso machine, you need the experts from bean to machine. Whether you are looking to buy your first commercial coffee machine or your twentieth, we are here to guide you. Get in touch with us to request a quote or arrange a meeting with our team of specialists using the details below or by completing our contact form.

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