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Fracino Coffee Machines

Fracino coffee machines bring innovative and award-winning technology to businesses so they can brew great cappuccinos and espressos. Their flair for innovation and commitment to UK manufacturing has earned their coffee machines placement within coffee shops, hotels, pubs, and restaurants across the UK and beyond. Fracino have been developing quality espresso coffee machines in the UK since 1990. If your business wants a UK made coffee machine, why not consider one of the Fracino commercial coffee machines?

Fracino Commercial Coffee Machines

Fracino are the only manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso coffee machines in the UK. They are a truly independent family run business that produces around 90% of their own parts and components in the UK. Their dedication to quality and manufacturing in the UK has won them multiple awards and the Made in Britain mark. Fracino are committed to ongoing research and development that supports the creation of exceptional commercial coffee machines including a range of dual fuel models. Popular Fracino commercial coffee machines include the Fracino Contempo coffee machine, which is available as a gas-powered coffee machine. If you are looking to serve great coffees at outdoor events, festivals, pop-up cafes or anywhere without a power supply, a dual fuel/gas machine could be the best solution for your business.

Official Fracino Agents

The Coffee Select team have extensive knowledge and experience of all Fracino coffee machines including their dual fuel/gas machines. If you require help and advice in choosing a Fracino coffee machine that would best suit your business, we are ready to help. We can even help with the customisation of a Fracino coffee machine so it can best suit your specific requirements. Our coffee machine specialists all love an amazing espresso and great coffee. It is the mission of our coffee machine specialists to help as many businesses as we can to serve great coffee. We love nothing more than supporting our customers on their individual coffee journeys. Our team take the hassle out of choosing, installing, and maintaining commercial coffee machines.


We are proud to be official sales and service agents of Fracino. It is our job to help businesses find the best Fracino coffee machines for their business. Our close relationship with Fracino ensures that our clients are confident that we have all the necessary expertise and experience to help them serve great coffee with Fracino commercial coffee machines. Contact our coffee machine specialists by calling 01256 242313 or completing our contact form.

Fracino Coffee Machines Installation & Setup

Installing and setting up a Fracino coffee machine doesn’t have to be difficult or involve hassle. Our coffee machine specialists will take care of each and every stage of the installation and setup process for your new coffee machine. We have years of experience of installing Fracino commercial coffee machines including their range of gas machines in a wide range of different businesses from restaurants, hotels, and cafes through to offices, entertainment facilities and leisure destinations. Our team love helping customers make the most of their new Fracino coffee machines by providing a complete installation and setup service. We can also provide additional training for those that are looking to enhance their barista skills. Businesses that purchase additional training are equipped with all they need to know about using their coffee machine. Investing in training is a great way to become more familiar with all the key features that your coffee machine offers while also learning how to prolong its lifespan. We cover the installation and setup of your new Fracino coffee machine within the machine price, with training available as an optional extra.


Purchasing a new coffee machine is often a significant investment for a business. Our coffee machine specialists will help you to make an informed decision as to the best Fracino machine to meet your requirements. At Coffee Select, we also offer suitable coffee machine leasing options to help businesses spread the cost of their purchase in a cashflow-positive way. Find the perfect blend of expert knowledge and friendly customer service at Coffee Select. Why not choose us as your commercial coffee machine supplier? Get in touch by completing our contact form or calling us on 01256 242 313.

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Fracino Contempo Coffee Machine

The Fracino Contempo coffee machine is an innovative yet affordable luxury espresso machine that is available as a dual fuel option. It is the perfect Fracino coffee machine for serving great espresso on the go. The Contempo provides excellent flexibility and mobility while delivering a high-volume output. To operate the Contempo, you will require LPG or Butane gas alongside a small generator to provide electricity for the electrical circuit and pump. It is available in electronic and semi-auto models to best suit your specific requirements.


The Contempo boasts a high-quality copper boiler, an automatic water level system, separately controlled water & steam pressure, a brass bodied group with Thermosyphonic circulation and a quality stainless steel cup tray. It also has high groups to accommodate large takeaway cups and latte glasses with a total clearance of 132mm. If you are looking for a mobile solution, the Contempo could be a great coffee partner for your business. It is a fantastic gas commercial coffee machine that helps you serve great espresso anywhere, the Fracino Contempo coffee machine could be the perfect dual fuel machine for you. Why not adopt the

highest-powered LPG system in the world that provides outstanding output of coffee, hot water and steam?

Helping You Find The Ideal Fracino Commercial Coffee Machine

Fracino offer an excellent selection of commercial espresso machines that are made in the UK. They create innovative coffee machines that offer great value to businesses. Deciding between all the different available models is not always easy but that is where we come in. We help customers choose between the various models and find one that will suit your business. Every one of our coffee machine specialists has extensive knowledge of all the Fracino coffee machines including the Fracino Contempo coffee machine, which is a popular gas machine. The Coffee Select team is ready to help you find a great machine.


We sell a range of different Fracino coffee machines including their popular dual fuel range, so whether you require a Fracino 2 group coffee machine or a Fracino 3 group coffee machine, we can help you. If you are not sure how many groups you need, our team can advise you on some suitable options. Customers are welcome to visit us at our showroom to preview our Fracino coffee machines and discover which machines will best suit your business. Get in touch to arrange a visit to the Coffee Select showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Contact Coffee Select

The coffee machine specialists at Coffee Select are ready to help you find the best Fracino commercial coffee machine for your business. Our friendly and skilled specialists will help and support you throughout your coffee journey. Tailored advice and support are at the heart of the exceptional service that we offer to help businesses find a great espresso machine. Whether you are about to buy your second machine or your tenth, we are here to help. Get in touch to request a free quote or arrange a meeting with the Coffee Select team using the details below or by completing our contact form.

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