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Commercial Espresso Machines

Commercial espresso machines are the best coffee machine for serving fresh barista-style coffee to your customers. Whether you are using quality ground coffee or coffee beans, a great espresso is never out of reach with an espresso machine from La Marzocco, Iberital, Fracino or Biepi. 

Which Commercial Espresso Machine Does Your Business Require?

Quality Commercial Espresso Machines 

Investing in a quality commercial espresso machine is a great way to demonstrate that your business is serious about great coffee. If you are serving coffee connoisseurs who demand great espresso coffee, you will need a commercial coffee machine that can brew fresh artisan cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites and cortados. We have partnered with leading commercial coffee machine brands including La Marzocco, Iberital, Fracino and Biepi to bring you the very best coffee machines on the market. 


As commercial coffee machine specialists with several years of experience, we can help you find the perfect coffee machine for your business. Our team delivers a complete service and has a great passion for all things coffee. We will have you crafting fantastic flat whites and luscious lattes in no time. The installation and setup of your new machine is included so you can get started in the most hassle-free way. If your team requires training on your new espresso machine, we can help. Our team has been brewing great coffees for many years and can show you some tips and tricks. Each member of your team will become a brilliant barista with our expert guidance. 


If you are struggling with a poorly maintained, dated or unsuitable commercial espresso machine, why not get in touch with us? Our friendly team of experts can help you find a new coffee machine that will get you serving great coffee again. Acquiring a new espresso machine doesn’t have to be unaffordable either. Our competitive coffee machine leasing options help you to spread the cost of your new machine in a cashflow friendly way. Don’t let your current machine hold you back; a new coffee machine could be just what your business needs.  


Discover the perfect blend of expert knowledge and commitment to great customer service at Coffee Select. Our team are ready to help you on your commercial espresso machine journey. 

Official La Marzocco, Iberital, Fracino & Biepi Agents 

We are proud to be official agents for the best and most respected commercial espresso coffee machine brands in the world. As experienced and long-standing sales and service agents for La Marzocco, Iberital, Fracino and Biepi, we have built the great partnerships with the leading brands that your business needs when looking for a commercial espresso machine. 


Our relationships with the leading commercial coffee brands give our clients the confidence and peace of mind that we are a trusted company with the expertise and experience to help their business. Get in touch with us by calling 01256 242313 or completing our contact form. 

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La Marzocco Espresso Machines 

La Marzocco manufacture the finest Italian commercial espresso machines at their production plant in Scarperia, Italy. Their high-end professional coffee machines are perfect for serving artisan espresso-based drinks using high quality coffee beans. Every La Marzocco machine offers a truly unique blend of intuition and sensitivity, which creates unrivalled speciality coffee equipment. If you are looking for a machine that will deliver performance, impact and longevity, a La Marzocco will not disappoint. Investing in a La Marzocco espresso machine will help your business serve superbly crafted coffees and delight every customer. Custom requirements can also be accommodated as every single machine is handcrafted to order in Italy. Why not arrange to visit our showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire and discover the perfect La Marzocco commercial espresso machine? Our coffee machine experts are ready to showcase all the available models and advise you as to which one will best suit your business. 

Iberital Commercial Espresso Machines

Iberital’s commercial espresso machines offer a tool for every barista. Their espresso machines signify the company’s spirit of continuous improvement and nonconformity which places technical innovation at the heart of every machine. Each coffee machine is manufactured in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain. If you are looking for a quality commercial espresso machine at a mid-range budget, Iberital may have the perfect machine for your business in their collection, which includes the renowned Iberital IB7. By choosing an Iberital machine, you will benefit from many of their industry leading innovations that push coffee making forward. Key innovations include IB WaterTech which provides an independent water circuit, IB HeatControl to guarantee thermal stability and IB QuickHeat which reduces the time to reach the perfect temperature. Our Iberital coffee machine experts are ready to showcase our range of Iberital machines and help you find the best machine for your business. 

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Edited Photos_0024_IMG_7089.jpg

Fracino Espresso Coffee Machines 

Fracino espresso coffee machines are a great choice for a range of commercial settings including cafes, restaurants and bars. Their award-winning espresso machines are manufactured in Birmingham, United Kingdom with a signature passion for quality and design excellence. The Fracino story began in 1962 and the company has flourished in the years since, growing to create a 60 plus item product portfolio and win multiple awards. Fracino use British sourced stainless steel, copper and other components to create espresso machines with great British craftsmanship. By choosing a Fracino espresso machine, your business will benefit from exceptional quality, reliability and a long service life. What more could you want from your next commercial espresso machine? Our coffee experts would love to showcase our range of Fracino machines and help you to find the machine that best suits your business. Why not call our friendly team to arrange a visit? 

Biepi Coffee Machines 

Biepi have a clear mission: to serve the best of Italy one cup at a time. Their Italian espresso coffee machines are designed and manufactured in Italy. A clear passion for the world of coffee is evident in each machine that they produce. If you are looking for a quality professional espresso machine that will help you to make perfect coffee, Biepi could be the perfect option for you. Every Biepi commercial espresso machine has been crafted with performance in mind to excel in every business. Whether you are a café, restaurant, or business, a Biepi machine could be a welcome addition for the coffee lovers that you serve. Find out more about some of the standout features available in a Biepi espresso machine including LED downlighting, easy foam steam wands and raised groups. We can supply you with a range of Biepi coffee machines and help you start or continue your coffee journey in a hassle-free way with the installation and setup included. 

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Get In Touch With Coffee Select 

Our friendly and professional team of commercial espresso machine specialists are ready to help your business find the perfect espresso machine. We can support you on every step of your coffee journey. Whether you are buying your first machine or your twentieth, we have a great collection of machines from leading brands for you to choose from. If you would like to request a quote or meeting with us, please get in touch using the details below or by completing our contact form. 

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