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Commercial Coffee Grinders

Commercial coffee grinders are essential to brewing great espresso coffee using a commercial espresso machine. Getting a great grind helps you to serve coffee to customers with all the exceptional flavour notes and aromas that a coffee lover expects. Whether you just require a professional coffee grinder or need a quality commercial espresso machine to match, we can help. Start serving great coffee with a quality Mazzer coffee grinder or Eureka coffee grinder.

We Supply Commercial Coffee Grinders

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Quality Commercial Coffee Grinders

Buying a quality commercial coffee grinder is essential to brewing excellent coffee with an espresso machine. If you are serving coffee with a poor quality or malfunctioning grinder, the quality of your extraction will also be poor. This results in a substandard espresso, which few customers will want to enjoy. By choosing a great professional coffee grinder, you can ensure that your commercial espresso machine is supplied with the best possible grind that will delight coffee connoisseurs. We have partnered with world leading coffee grinder manufacturers, Mazzer, Eureka and Mahlkonig to bring you an extensive range of professional coffee grinders that perfectly complement our range of quality commercial espresso machines.


As commercial coffee grinder specialists with many years of experience, our team can help you find the perfect coffee grinder to suit your specific requirements. We deliver a complete service and are passionate about all things coffee. Getting started with your new professional coffee grinder is easy, we include installation and setup with every grinder so you can get started without the hassle or worry of setting it up.


If you require training for your new coffee grinder, we can show you how to make the most of it. Our team has been using a range of coffee grinders for many years and can show you some great tips. Every one of your baristas will become great with grinders following our expert training and guidance.


Don’t rely on a poorly maintained, dated, or unsuitable commercial coffee grinder in your business. We can help you find a great grinder that will produce the perfect grind that you need to fuel your commercial espresso machine and serve exceptional coffee. Our team of coffee specialists can help you navigate through the various grinder options and get back to serving great coffee. Buying a new commercial coffee grinder with us can be affordable and cashflow-friendly too. We offer affordable coffee grinder lending options to help you spread the cost of your new grinder in a cashflow friendly way. If your current grinder is holding your business back, a new commercial coffee grinder from Mazzer, Eureka or Mahlkonig could be exactly what you need. Why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.


At Coffee Select, we offer the perfect blend of expert knowledge and great customer service to help you get a great grind. Call us on 01256 242 313 or complete our contact form.

Official Mazzer, Eureka & Mahlkonig Agents

We are delighted to be official agents for the best and most recognised commercial coffee grinder brands. As experienced sales and service agents for Mazzer, Eureka and Mahlkonig, we have established great partnerships with all the leading coffee brands that your business needs to consistently get a great grind.


Our strong partnerships with the leading professional coffee grinder brands give clients the confidence and peace of mind that we are a trusted company with the expertise and experience required to help your business. Contact us by calling 01256 242313 or completing our contact form.

Coffee Select LA Marzocco_0034_IMG_7499.jpg

Mazzer Coffee Grinders

Mazzer have been engineering the future of coffee grinding since 1948. From their facility in Venice, Italy, they design and manufacture professional coffee grinders that help over one million baristas get the perfect coffee grind every day. Their coffee grinders make a perfect companion to the quality commercial espresso machines that we sell to help businesses to brew the perfect espresso. Mazzer’s mission is to craft the perfect coffee grinding machines that are professional, functional, and reliable. Every Mazzer coffee grinder is proudly made in Italy by teams of skilled technicians who draw on the latest machinery and cutting-edge technology. By drawing on more than 70 years of experience, they are able to craft solutions not only for the baristas of today but for the baristas of tomorrow. They remain committed to continuous improvement and being at the cutting edge of innovation as they continue to invest in research and development.


If you are looking for a commercial coffee grinder that will consistently deliver a great grind, a Mazzer will be a great partner for your espresso machine. By investing in a Mazzer coffee grinder, your business will be ready to serve quality coffees that delight even the most particular coffee connoisseur. At Coffee Select, we sell an extensive range of Mazzer coffee grinders including the Mazzer Super Jolly, Mazzer Major, Mazzer Kony and Mazzer Robur. If you are unsure as to which Mazzer model would best suit your business, why not come and visit our showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire. We can showcase a range of Mazzer coffee grinders and advise as to which grinder would best suit your specific requirements. Our professional coffee grinder specialists are ready to help you get the perfect grind and serve your customers great coffee.

Eureka Coffee Grinders

Eureka coffee grinders have been a staple for baristas worldwide and are renowned for their quality and reliability. They have been designing and manufacturing quality commercial coffee grinders since 1920 from their facility in Florence, Italy. The company has gained an excellent reputation as a leading coffee grinder manufacturer with a flair for innovation. Great service is at the heart of everything that they do, and they aim to not only meet but routinely exceed customer expectations. Their professional coffee grinders are the perfect blend of design, technology, and innovation. Every Eureka coffee grinder is made entirely in Italy and assembled by hand in Florence by coffee grinder specialists. Innovation continues to drive Eureka’s skilled teams and they have developed a number of technologies to enhance every grind including the ACE system, Stepless Micrometric Regulation system, High Speed Grind Dispersion, and the all-purpose adjustable Hands-Free fork to name but a few.


Eureka coffee grinders are a popular choice for a diverse range of businesses that are looking to serve quality espresso. Everywhere from cafes and restaurants to hotels and offices are choosing Eureka coffee grinders to help them get the perfect grind. If you select a Eureka coffee grinder you will be in great company alongside other businesses that are serious about serving great coffee. At Coffee Select, we offer a great range of Eureka grinders to suit every business including the Eureka Mythos, Eureka Olympus, Eureka Helios, and Eureka Zenith. Whether you know exactly which Eureka grinder you need or would like some advice from our coffee grinder specialists, we can help. We can advise you as to which grinder model and variation would best suit your business and help you to delight customers with a great grind. Why not visit our dedicated showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire to view a range of Eureka coffee grinders? We can help you find the best grinder and make the most of its features.

Coffee Select LA Marzocco_0034_IMG_7499.jpg
Coffee Select LA Marzocco_0034_IMG_7499.jpg

Mahlkonig Grinders

Mahlkonig are passionate about leading commercial coffee grinder innovation and setting the trends of tomorrow. They have been manufacturing professional grade grinders since 1924. Quality is at the heart of their coffee grinder range, which champions fresh grinding above other alternatives. Every Mahlkonig coffee grinder combines premium grinding technology with innovative features that help every barista achieve the perfect grind. They firmly believe that barista quality coffee starts with a barista quality grind. Mahlkonig’s mission is to design and manufacture professional, convenient and indestructible coffee grinders that can withstand the pressure and high volume of grinding required within commercial environments. Many of their grinders boast a range of innovative features including durable compact motors, integrated slide for secure hopper removal, swappable fronts, noise reduction technology - which keeps the grinder noise under 70 DB - and under grinder knock out drawers. By choosing a Mahlkonig grinder you will enjoy a great even extraction and outstanding espresso-based drinks.


If you are looking for a professional coffee grinder that delivers a great grind for every cup, a Mahlkonig could be a fantastic choice for your business. Investing in a Mahlkonig coffee grinder will help your business to consistently achieve a great grind and serve espresso that delights every coffee lover. At Coffee Select, we offer an excellent range of grinders to suit every commercial application including the Mahlkonig X54, Mahlkonig E65S, Mahlkonig E65S GBW, Mahlkonig E80S and Mahlkonig E80S GBW. Choosing the right commercial coffee grinder can be a challenge. Fortunately, the coffee grinder specialists at Coffee Select are here to help. We can advise you as to the most suitable Mahlkonig coffee grinder for your business and its specific requirements. At our showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire, we showcase a range of grinders so you can review a range of models in person. Why not visit our showroom to browse our coffee grinder range and receive some expert advice from our coffee grinder specialists? Our specialists are ready to help you find the best grinder and consistently deliver the perfect grind so you can serve great espresso to your customers.

Get In Touch With Coffee Select 

Our friendly and professional team of commercial coffee grinder specialists are ready to help your business find the perfect coffee grinder. We can support you through each and every step of your coffee journey. Whether you are buying your first coffee grinder or your twentieth, we have a great collection of professional coffee grinders from leading brands including Mazzer, Eureka and Mahlkonig for you to choose from. Why not request a quote or a meeting with us and find out how we can help? Please get in touch using the details below or by completing our contact form.

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