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Eureka Coffee Grinders

Eureka coffee grinders have been a leading choice for the most discerning baristas and coffee businesses for over 100 years. Since 1920, they have been designing and manufacturing modern and elegant professional coffee grinders in Florence, Italy. Eureka grinders are chosen across the world by businesses that are passionate about brewing great coffee and who want to benefit from the very latest coffee grinding innovations. 

Eureka coffee grinders are perfect for demanding commercial environments and grinding coffee at high volumes. They make a great companion to our quality commercial espresso machines and are truly worthy of their commercial grade status.


Constant innovation is a key part of Eureka’s DNA and is evident in the ACE system, All-Purpose Adjustable Hands-Free Fork, High Speed Grind Dispersion and Stepless Micrometric Regulation System. If serving excellent espresso is a priority for your business, a Eureka coffee grinder will be an excellent choice. They have an extensive range of powerful on-demand grinders that help every barista craft the perfect espresso. Discover our range of Eureka coffee grinders today.

Eureka Professional Coffee Grinders

Eureka have been an established leader of the coffee grinding sector since 1920. They were founded by Aurelio Conti and started out as an espresso coffee grinder manufacturer. Eureka quickly gained a reputation for excellence, which drives their company forward today. Their international and dynamic attitude has fuelled international expansion across the world and has inspired their commitment to being state of the art in everything that they do. Eureka now design and manufacture grinders to suit every type of coffee preparation while remaining true to their heritage. As a company they are committed to delivering impeccable service and proactively responding to customer needs with innovative coffee grinding solutions. Each professional coffee grinder that they produce offers the perfect blend of design, technology, and innovation. Every Eureka coffee grinder is 100% made in Florence and hand assembled in their factory.


If you are looking to invest in a quality commercial coffee grinder for your business, a Eureka coffee grinder is a great choice. Eureka have an extensive range of commercial coffee grinders, including both on demand grinders and doser grinders. At Coffee Select, we supply an extensive range of their grinders to business customers who require coffee grinders that can perform perfectly even within the most challenging commercial environments. We stock a number of Eureka coffee grinder ranges including the Eureka Mythos, Eureka Olympus, Eureka Helios, and Eureka Zenith. Almost all of these coffee grinders are available in multiple variations and are available as on demand or doser grinder. Let our coffee grinder specialists guide you towards the best Eureka grinder for your business.

Official Eureka Agents

As official Eureka agents, our specialists have comprehensive knowledge and great experience of Eureka coffee grinders across their range of on demand and doser grinders. If you require any help or advice in choosing a Eureka coffee grinder or have customisation requirements, our specialists can help. All the coffee grinder specialists at Coffee Select love a great espresso and are passionate about helping businesses just like yours to get the coffee equipment that you need. We proactively support clients on their coffee journeys and help them to get a great grind with a quality commercial coffee grinder. At Coffee Select, we make choosing, installing, and maintaining coffee grinders easy and hassle free for every business. Why not choose us as your commercial coffee grinder partner?


We are proud to be approved sales and service agents of Eureka, one of the leading coffee grinder brands. Our specialists help businesses to find the perfect Eureka coffee grinder to work alongside their commercial espresso machine/s. We offer great service to all our clients and have a strong relationship with Eureka. Contact our Eureka coffee grinder specialists by calling 01256 242313 or completing our contact form.

Eureka Coffee Grinders Installation & Setup

The installation and setup of a commercial coffee grinder is often easier than setting up a commercial espresso machine, a helping hand is welcome when you are busy with your day-to-day tasks. We love making the setup and installation of professional coffee grinders easy and hassle-free for our clients. Enjoy a straightforward setup process with our specialists taking care of each and every step of the process. Our specialists will also help you get started with your new Eureka coffee grinder. We have several years’ experience of installing coffee grinders across a wide variety of commercial settings. Our team has installed coffee grinders in a range of different businesses including hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices, leisure destinations and entertainment venues. Every member of our team is dedicated to helping clients make the most of their new grinder through our comprehensive installation and setup service.


If you require professional coffee grinder training, we can help with that too! We provide additional training to help baristas get started with a new grinder. Investing in coffee grinder training is a great way to get a great grind and support your budding baristas. Our training covers a range of topics including grinder features, everyday operating and how to get a great grind from coffee beans. We include the installation and setup in the price of every coffee grinder that we sell, with training available as an optional extra for those that require it.


While a commercial coffee grinder may not be as expensive as a quality commercial espresso machine, when purchased together the costs can soon build up. When you purchase a Eureka coffee grinder with a commercial espresso machine, we can offer you flexible leasing options. Discover our cashflow friendly leasing plans on our Commercial Coffee Machine Leasing page.


Getting the right grind doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you have our specialists to guide you. Why not discover our unique blend of expert knowledge and customer service by choosing to work with us? Get in touch by completing our contact form or calling us on 01256 242 313.

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Eureka Mythos

The Eureka Mythos is a quality on-demand grinder that delivers the perfect grind for an espresso. This commercial-grade grinder effortlessly delivers a great grind even in busy commercial venues. It is a great choice for applications that involve high volumes of grinding and will be a firm favourite among your baristas as it aids their productivity. The electronic grinder efficiently mills the correct dose every time, which reduces dosing time and prevents coffee loss. If you require a quality doser grinder that delivers on-demand grinding with ease, you should consider the Eureka Mythos. It is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to serve exceptional espresso with a great grind. The Mythos’s key features include high speed grind dispersion, stepless micrometric regulation system, ACE system, 5 button electronics with 3 programmable doses, a dynamometric tamper, adjustable fork, and bean hopper security system. Innovation and quality are present throughout the design of the Mythos. As a result, it has gained a reputation as one of the most powerful on-demand professional coffee grinders on the market. Eureka have used quality components throughout its design including telescopic cylinders, a universal adapter, and long-life burrs to create the perfect distribution of ground coffee.


The Mythos is a worthy companion to any quality commercial espresso machine with its features and durability. It is available in a range of different models to suit many different commercial environments from a busy restaurant through to a popular leisure destination. At Coffee Select, we can supply all variations of the Eureka Mythos professional coffee grinder from 65 to 80.

Eureka Models

Eureka Olympus

Eureka’s Olympus coffee grinder uses either flat blades or conical blades depending on your chosen model to deliver the perfect grind for espresso. The Olympus is suitable for medium to high volume coffee grinding in demanding commercial environments. If you require a quality commercial coffee grinder that is stylish, innovative, and reliable, the Olympus could be the perfect companion for your high-end commercial espresso machine. The Olympus’ key features include high speed grind dispersion, stepless micrometric regulation system, ACE system, high speed maintenance, all-purpose adjustable hands-free fork, blow up system and barista special electronics. Every Olympus model boasts a durable and stylish die-cast aluminium body that fits perfectly into any commercial space. It also offers a larger than average hopper and a faster grind output than many other Eureka models for the ultimate commercial-grade performance. The Olympus also includes an LCD screen with dose counter across the range as well as a filter holder spotlight and adjustable chute. Few grinders are capable of delivering the high level of performance required in a busy commercial environment; the Olympus is an exception as it effortlessly handles high volumes and is a favourite of many professional baristas.


If you are looking for an on-demand coffee grinder that operates at scale, the Olympus is a great choice. Its innovative features and powerful grinding capability make it a great addition for any coffee serving business. It is available in a number of models to suit your individual requirements, from the Olympus 75 E HS and Olympus 75 Neo through to the incredibly powerful Olympus Kr E. Whether you are a hotel, leisure destination or café, if you are serious about serving great coffee, the Eureka Olympus can help you.

Coffee Select LA Marzocco_0027_IMG_7536.jpg
Coffee Select LA Marzocco_0027_IMG_7536.jpg

Eureka Helios

The Eureka Helios is a powerful professional coffee grinder with flat burrs, which delivers great coffee grinding performance for commercial venues. It includes many of the standard Eureka features that baristas and businesses love. The Helios is a great coffee grinder for high volume commercial applications and is suitable for cafes, restaurants, and hotels to name but a few. Its striking design and quality components deliver outstanding performance that every barista will appreciate. Available in a range of different colours to suit the individual style of your business, the Helios can perfectly compliment the design of any coffee serving business. Whether you prefer a striking colour or something more classic that blends into your surroundings, there is a Helios colour to suit you. Choose from four standard colours including matt black, grey, and white or achieve the ultimate finish with one of two special colours; yellow and chrome. The Helios’s key features include high speed grind dispersion, stepless micrometric regulation system, ACE system, high speed maintenance, an all-purpose hands-free fork, touchscreen, maintenance alert customised for burrs type, pre-selection dose activation/deactivation, three grinding activation modes, total control system to protect advanced settings, adjustable & removable chute, and bean hopper security system.


The Helios coffee grinder is a powerful coffee grinder that will feel at home in the busiest commercial environments. Its high output speed and user-friendly touchscreen make coffee grinding truly hassle-free while delivering a great in-cup result. If your business needs to serve outstanding espresso, the Helios can help you consistently deliver a great grind from your coffee beans. It is available in a range of models including the popular Helios 65 and Helios 75 to suit your specific coffee grinding requirements. Whether this will be your first Eureka grinder or your fifth, the Helios will not disappoint.

Eureka Zenith

Eureka’s Zenith is a quality commercial coffee grinder that is ideal for budget conscious businesses. It is suitable for any commercial application where a medium volume of coffee is being served. The Zenith boasts a great range of features, many of which you would only expect in a high-end coffee grinder. Matching the style and design of your business is easy with the Zenith, as it is available in three colours: black, silver grey and white to suit any coffee outlet. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful grinder that excels at low and medium volumes, the Zenith could be a great choice for your business. The Zenith’s key features include high speed grind dispersion, stepless micrometric regulation system, ACE system, all-purpose fork for hands free operation, high speed maintenance, blow up system and barista special electronics. Getting the perfect grind for espresso is hassle-free with its excellent feature line-up. The grinder’s durability is also ensured with a die-cast aluminium body, which performs in every commercial environment.


The Eureka Zenith is an excellent coffee grinder that suits a wide range of coffee serving businesses. Its modern design and powerful feature line-up set it apart from many alternative grinders. The Zenith is available in a range of different models to suit your individual grinding requirements. Achieve a great grind every time with the Zenith and without the expense of a high-end professional coffee grinder.

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Helping You Find A Eureka Coffee Grinder

Eureka’s range of commercial grinders is extensive and has something to suit every business, from a busy café or bustling hotel through to a popular leisure destination or office. Eureka have created grinders that deliver low, medium, and high volumes of coffee grinding with ease. Getting a grind doesn’t have to be difficult if you choose to invest in a Eureka coffee grinder and the various innovative features that their collection offers. Choosing the right professional coffee grinder for your business is easy when you have our coffee grinder specialists on hand to guide you. We help customers every step of the way, from choosing a coffee grinder through to its installation & setup and everyday use. Whichever type of business you run, we will have a Eureka coffee grinder to suit your requirements and perfectly complement your commercial espresso machine/s. At Coffee Select we have all the experience and expertise required to advise you as to the most suitable model for your business.


We sell a comprehensive range of Eureka coffee grinders including the Eureka Mythos, Eureka Olympus, Eureka Helios, and Eureka Zenith. Some of these commercial coffee grinders are available as on-demand or doser grinders. If you are unsure as to which type of grinder would best suit your business, our team are ready to help. We recommend visiting our showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire to view a selection of available Eureka coffee grinders. Customers that visit our showroom can discover which coffee grinder will best suit their business and receive expert advice from our team in person. Arranging a visit to the Coffee Select showroom is easy. Contact us by completing our contact form or calling us on 01256 242 313. We can also provide a free quote if you know which Eureka coffee grinder you require.

Contact Coffee Select

The commercial coffee grinder specialists in our team are ready to help you find the best Eureka coffee grinder for your business. We support our clients at every step of their coffee journey with expert advice, support, and excellent service. If you are looking for a coffee grinder, you need the coffee experts from bean to machine. Contact our helpful team to request a free quote or arrange a meeting today on 01256 242 313 or by completing our contact form.

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