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Commercial Iberital Coffee Machines 

Iberital coffee machines offer exciting technology to help you brew the perfect espresso. Their coffee machine line-up including the popular Iberital IB7 offer sustainable, efficient, and intelligent coffee technology to baristas. Iberital have been developing creative and reliable coffee equipment since 1975 from Barcelona. If your business requires an affordable quality espresso machine, why not consider an Iberital coffee machine?  

Iberital Espresso Machines For Business

Iberital are renowned coffee machine specialists with a reputation for creating innovative espresso machines that are robust and technologically sophisticated. Their spirit of continuous improvement and nonconformity has guided the business through many product innovations and informed the creation of multiple coffee machine models. Popular Iberital espresso machine models include the Expression, Tandem and IB7. If you serve quality coffees in your business, an Iberital coffee machine could be the perfect partner and a firm favourite among coffee lovers.  

Official Iberital Agents

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience of all things Iberital. If you require advice as to which Iberital coffee machine would best suit your business and its coffee requirements or need help to customise an Iberital machine, our coffee machine specialists are happy to help. The Coffee Select team are all very passionate about excellent espresso and great coffee. Our coffee machine specialists love helping customers serve great coffee at their premises and supporting each and every customer on their coffee machine journey. We can provide help with everything from installation and setup through to maintenance and upgrades. 


Coffee Select are proud to be official sales and service agents of Iberital and love helping businesses find the best Iberital coffee machines. Our strong relationship with Iberital gives our clients the confidence that we are a trusted company with the expertise and experience to help their business serve great coffee with Iberital coffee machines. Get in touch with us by calling 01256 242313 or completing our contact form. 

Iberital Coffee Machines Installation & Setup

The installation and setup of a commercial coffee machine can be a lot of hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. The coffee machine specialists at Coffee Select take care of every stage of the installation and setup process so you don’t have to. Our specialists have experience of installing Iberital coffee machines in all types of businesses from cafes, restaurants, and hotels through to offices and leisure attractions. We love helping customers to make the most of their new Iberital coffee machine by taking care of the installation & setup and providing additional training to those that request it. Businesses that opt for training are left with budding baristas that are familiar with all the tips and tricks of their Iberital coffee machine. By getting to know your new machine you will be best placed to make the most of all its innovative features and maintain it correctly to prolong its lifespan. The installation and setup of your new Iberital coffee machine is included in the machine price, while the training is available as an optional extra for businesses that require it. 


Buying an Iberital coffee machine can be a significant investment for many businesses. At Coffee Select, we will help you make an informed decision as to which Iberital machine will best meet your specific requirements. We can also offer attractive coffee machine leasing options to help you spread the cost of your purchase in a cashflow-friendly way. If you are looking for the perfect blend of expert knowledge and great customer service, why not choose Coffee Select as your commercial coffee machine partner? Contact us by completing our contact form or calling us on 01256 242 313.

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Iberital IB7 Compact 

The Iberital IB7 Compact is the most space-friendly model in Iberital’s commercial espresso machine collection. If you have limited space for a coffee machine but require a robust and durable commercial espresso machine, it could be the ideal option for your business. Its standout features include an adjustable steam wand, electronic dosage, volumetric control, in-built LED lights, anti-splash hot water outlet and an automatic boiler fill. If you are looking for an Iberital coffee machine that delivers durability, performance, and innovation, the IB7 Compact could be the perfect machine for your business. We stock 1 group and 2 group versions of the IB7 Compact.

Iberital IB7

Iberital’s IB7 may be small in size but it reliably delivers great coffee. It is a smart commercial espresso machine option for brewing good coffee in small spaces. Its unique design based on vintage machines creates a classic look with a modern edge that blends into every business. The Iberital IB7 is functional and reliable yet also powerful and smart with innovative features including the optional IB Connect. Standout features include the mono boiler system, touch pad with white LEDs, stainless steel steam wands, ergonomic filter-holder, and fast turn steam knobs. If you are looking for a coffee machine with a small footprint but great power, the IB7 is a great choice. We stock 2 group and 4 group versions of the IB7. 

Edited Photos_0017_IMG_7099.jpg
Edited Photos_0017_IMG_7099.jpg

Iberital IB7 Compact Tall Cup  

The Iberital IB7 Compact Tall Cup is a compact yet powerful espresso machine that can accommodate tall coffee cups and takeaway cups. The additional height between the base of the group handle and drip tray helps you to serve great coffee your way. Its elegant yet retro design fits perfectly into every business and is great at brewing quality espresso for all your favourite coffees. The key features include LED mood lighting, electronic dosage, automatic boiler fill, volumetric control, fast turn steam knobs and an ergonomic filter-holder. If you need a durable espresso machine with a compact footprint that can fit tall cups, it could be the perfect machine for you. We stock 1 group and 2 group versions of this model.  

IB7 Tall Cup/IB7 Alto 

Iberital’s IB7 Tall Cup which is also known as the IB7 Alto is a feature-packed tall commercial espresso machine. It is a versatile choice for businesses with limited space that still want to brew an outstanding espresso. The space saving design doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on technology. Its key features include electronic dosage, automatic boiler fill, LED mood lighting, volumetric control, stainless steel steam wands and an ergonomic filter holder. Serve great coffee to everyone including those with tall cups due to the additional height available under the group handle. We stock 2 group and 3 group versions of the Iberital IB7 Tall Cup/IB7 Alto. 

Edited Photos_0017_IMG_7099.jpg
Edited Photos_0017_IMG_7099.jpg

Iberital Tandem 

The Iberital Tandem is a quality commercial espresso machine with a sleek and versatile design that makes a great coffee companion for any business. Its modern technology-packed designed provides baristas with features that will help them brew great coffee every day. The Tandem’s key features include electronic dosage, volumetric control, removable cup basket, fast turn steam & water knobs, ergonomic steam wands and a boiler drain tap. Extend the functionality of the Iberital Tandem further with IB Connect which introduces programmable auto on/off, PID electronic temperature control and pre-infusion profile. We stock 2 group and 3 group versions of the Iberital Tandem. 

Iberital Expression Pro 

Iberital’s Expression Pro is the ultimate commercial espresso machine and the head of the Iberital espresso machine family. The Expression Pro is a machine with attitude and the very latest technology to help baristas serve the ultimate espresso. Its standout features include a colour touchscreen, bigger drip tray and enhanced steam levers that helps handle complex coffee blends. The machine also benefits from a dual boiler system, PID electronic temperature control, electronic dosage in millilitres, volumetric control, backlit panel, automatic boiler refill and IB Connect. If you are looking for a technologically advanced yet reliable espresso machine, the Expression Pro is ready to serve you. We stock 2 group and 3 group versions of the Iberital Expression Pro. 

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We Can Help You Find An Iberital Coffee Machine 

Iberital’s commercial espresso machine line-up is extensive, and it offers machines for various different applications and budgets. It can be a challenge to navigate their series of models and select one that best suits your business. Our team of coffee machine specialists have an in-depth knowledge of all the Iberital coffee machines from the Iberital IB7 through to the Iberital Tandem and Iberital Expression Pro. We are ready to help you find the best machine for your business. 


Whether you are looking for an Iberital 2 group coffee machine, an Iberital 3 group coffee machine or if you are unsure how many groups you require, we can help. Many of our customers choose to visit us at our showroom to review our collection of Iberital coffee machines and discover the best machine for their business. Contact us to arrange your visit to the Coffee Select showroom in Basingstoke, Hampshire. During your visit, we will show you  the available Iberital models and advise you as to which machines will best suit your business. 

Contact Coffee Select

Our Iberital coffee machine specialists are ready to help find the perfect Iberital espresso machine for your business. We will support you every step of the way on your coffee journey. Our team provide tailored advice and support to help you find the perfect commercial espresso machine. Whether you are buying your first machine or your fifteenth, we are here to help. Request a quote or meeting with us by getting in touch using the details below or by completing our contact form. 

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